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Thread: "poem Contest"

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    Re: "poem Contest"

    Your lips look mighty tasty.
    I want them to be mine.
    I'm going to make you dizzy,
    like you've been drinking wine.
    I want to taste your lips,
    your tounge looks looks like a treat.
    You have a gorgeous smile,
    it makes you look real sweet.
    When i put my lips to yours
    your head starts feeling light
    i want to kiss you forever or
    at least all night, Boy i'm gonna
    make you swoon
    come into my arms.
    I'll make you want to stay awhile
    and be within my charms
    I promise that youll enjoy it
    it will get you started if you let me kiss your lips
    you wont be broken hearted, I want to be the only girl you miss
    the only girl that can give you a intocxicating kiss!!!!!!!!!!

    DarkChalice's LiL sis

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    Re: "poem Contest"

    The old windwill...
    How I love to watch it twirl in the wind.
    But it is this time I know
    The spirits are at play again.

    They make is spin fast,
    And make it spin slow....
    The old windmill whirling,
    And it's obvious to know.

    I pray the spirits be gentle,
    For the windwill's posts are weak.
    I just hope they don't hurt it,
    For my hope would then turn bleak.

    The windmill had been my guardian,
    for all my dreams and wishes.
    I've gone to it many times for comfort,
    and even blown the structure kisses.

    So spirits play nice,
    As you enjoy your playful time.
    So long till next time my friend,
    the old windwill of mine.

    Far be it for me to be anything special, when the only special thing I desire with me, is the special person I share my gifts with.

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    Re: "poem Contest"

    AWesome submissions! GOOD LUCK! i will reopen this thread and u all can post comments in it latr.
    -Just another green eyed angel, distorted by mans love for hate-

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