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Thread: A Poem I found

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    Post A Poem I found

    Fall into my hands
    It's a song that never ends
    Hold me tight
    I'll make you feel
    like dynamite
    Take me high
    Fly me high
    There's no limit
    but the sky
    I don't care what
    I might do when
    I fall in love with you

    I found that in my room.
    I think my sister wrote it
    As I wait for your return I cry silent tears.

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    Re: A Poem I found

    "its a song that never ends"

    that was the part that really got me. This poem expresses so many feelings in it! About a love that will never end! I loved it I hope to see more from you! ^^

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    Re: A Poem I found

    You've admitted that this isn't your own work, but since you aren't sure who's work it is, you haven't given due credit to its author. Please remember that anything you post that isn't your own needs to have an author cited, or better yet, don't post anything you didn't write yourself.

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