Grandfather Clock

The clockwork is ticking,
buzzing in my head.
It is taunting me,
haunting my mind.

The rythmatic chimes clicking in my brain
Making me think,
Think of my time.
My time left.


Death had told me the time that had set,
and nothing could hide me,
nothing could save me.
I am trapped in an eminate fate

We are set to the destiny of our own,
and to the destiny of others,
our fates sequentially intervening.
Where our souls connect.


My restless mind will not let me be,
for the clock still ticks,
time still flows,
And Death continues while our fates end.

I am bound to these wretched gears,
this wicked machinary.
The swinging pendulum will not cease,
It will pursue my psyche until he comes.


It is on it's way,
ready to end my fate,
ready to fulfill it's destiny,
Untwist our bound fortunes.

The grandfather-clock sounds it's bell,
as a void calls out to me,
Life has gone,
and Death is here.


hehe dead.