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Thread: Poem- Mercedes Poem and Memorial

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    Poem- Mercedes Poem and Memorial


    You were there for me, when I was sad
    Or even when I was mad.
    You would be there to hype me up
    Or even wake me up.
    I would have tons of secrets to tell,
    To someone like you who would never yell.
    I wish you were still here
    So you and I could stay near,
    But however the situation may be
    You will always be with me.
    You're my baby-girl
    And NO ONE can ever change that.
    I love you, and my love will always stay true
    And I know you'll always love and stay true to me too.

    poem originated by DemonicKagomeTahoshi
    i cry inside for life anew i die each time im torn in two i live for earth and die for none along comes a god who will always bring peace and tranquility

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    Re: Poem- Mercedes Poem and Memorial

    Omg!!!! Thank You So Much... I Love You For Doing That For Me!! ^_^ ^_^ ^_^ ^^ ^^

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