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Thread: a poem for my bf

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    a poem for my bf

    Baby do you think your better of alone?

    Do you think you can take it?

    I'm always going to be with you,I'm never going to leave.
    I hate to see you in pain of any kind I much prefer a painted smile upon ones face.
    I know your strong but I also know you inside I know how fragile you really are unlike others.
    I'm so glad you let me into your life and all I ever want to do is make you happy in anyway I can.

    Baby I want to build a future with you even if it takes a life time and we live
    in a dark damp alleyway because as long as I'm with you I don't care. I want
    to have kids with you I want to move in with you I want to spend my life
    with you. It hurts so much when it I know it cant happen for a while but I
    cant wait till I can and I'm never going to give up trying to get to you and
    most of all I'm ALWAYS going to love you.

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    Re: a poem for my bf

    *sniffle* That was beautiful! keep up the good work!

    Vampire Freaks☠I am not going 2 be on for awhile... ☠

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