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Thread: Poem for my girl

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    Poem for my girl

    I would appreciate any feedback on it before I hand it over to my GF.

    "As the Watercolors Paint the Waves of the Sky"

    The waves of the sky sift down
    Into the cup the brush is drown
    It starts with what I dream
    A flake of light, like a beam

    A million stars suddenly erupt
    the colored landscape is now corrupt
    A single figure is left in the snow
    Starting off small, it begins to grow

    A fantasy from the white takes place
    My hopes and dreams begin to chase
    A beauty then in front appears
    When I start to whisper, she hears:

    You are my angel from a million stars
    Let's create a song that's only ours
    Hanging onto me your hand slowly grips
    As I come by your side and steal your lips

    -------This poem is Copywrite to Youth-Anime-Fan----------
    Any unauthorized reproduction/stealing will result in action.
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