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Thread: Poem For Rei The Lonely Angel

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    Poem For Rei The Lonely Angel

    With an appearance so striking it freezes us fast and takes away breath,
    But with a heavy heart from watching over those that are on the way to death.
    A young woman’s disturbed mind is hidden under hair the color blue.
    Many nights she sits in her run down apartment wondering what to do.
    She finds the answer she looks for in the noon sky by observing the sun.
    She notices there is “only one,” can humanity become one?
    That smart mind of hers must be sharpened as a blade to see through the lies.
    To clear through all the programming and deception she must focus red eyes.
    Expressions of true emotion show only in her passion of the fight,
    What a sight she makes as she enters the “throne of the soul” in tight white.

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    Re: Poem For Rei The Lonely Angel

    I know my flaws
    I try to hide them
    But that only makes them easier to see
    My tears of shame fall
    And my heart is screaming for you
    I cut away my flesh...
    To try and be the person you want me to be
    My skin is slashed
    My blood on the floor
    I cry in the dark
    You knock on the door
    If I was pretty
    If I didn't wear black
    If I could smile
    Would you want me back?
    Everyday my life turns in the direction away from you
    Is it destiny?
    Is this my fate?
    The whole of eternity... drowning in my own hate...

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    Re: Poem For Rei The Lonely Angel

    I enjoyed thisa lot. Beast, I see a lot of talent from you frequently you should be proud.
    An interesting cncept of this is that I've used the specific name Rei frequently, and while it sounds Japanese, it's actually is based of the celestial angel Reiyel.
    Pretty Awesome, man.

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