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Thread: Poems from you!

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    Poems from you!

    Hey there i am an artist and i have cleaned out my public library's stock on poetry so is there anyone out there who can brind a laugh to my soul or a tear to my eye i could really use right about now so type away and take my breath away!!

    BTW here is one of mine.......

    I hate this vile creature i have become,
    Now that i have been betrayed ,
    In the night you come to me in hope that i w il forgive,
    I hate you why would i love you once again?

    In the tears i have while i sleep of a dream i do not wish,
    I see your face in my soul leave,

    How long will it take to forget Me,
    How long will you be in my memory,
    How long till you let me go,
    I left you that last momento,

    Your smile, Your laugh,
    Will always haunt me,
    My tears will shed,

    After all the trials you put me trhough,
    I'll pick my self off of the ground,

    How long will it take to forget you,
    When will i get over you,
    One last day one last thought afterall this time i've still not forgot

    I don't want to forget you,
    I don't want you to forget me
    But that is how it has to be.

    How long will it take to forget me,
    How long will you be in my memory,
    How long till you let me go,
    I left you one last momento

    Ok now it is your turn

    Why do i hate me?

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    Re: Poems from you!

    um...im trying to be a writer but i dont think im any good but here i go...

    Fallen angel hear my plea
    Take me into serenity

    Feathers of light Clear my sight
    Let me see the truth in night

    Heart of love cleanse my soul
    Help me find my friends of old

    Tears of memories fall from my eyes
    Heal my mind from these lies

    Forest hidden in the wind
    whisper truth no more sins

    Lake of spirites within my grasp
    Splash your waters that always last

    Gaurdian angel hear my cry
    Save the fallen help their life.
    If love is happiness
    and happiness is eternal
    why is their so much hate?

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