By popular demand, we will now be holding one-on-one poetry battles! Challenge a friend, an enemy, or the first person you see hanging out in the poetry forum, and AO will decide the winner!

The How-To:
  • Issue a PM to the member you wish to challenge, and wait for them to accept before creating a thread. If you are willing to take on anyone, create your thread, and the first person to accept will be your opponent.
  • Your thread should have the title "Battle: Theme", with the theme being whatever you want to do (a certain subject or style). Your thread should contain the following:
    • Who you're challenging
    • Theme
    • Deadline (the date by which entries must be sent to me)
    • Other Restrictions (i.e., minimum number of lines, rhyming, etc.)
  • Once both members have agreed to battle, PM the entries to me along with a link to the thread. I'll set up a new poll thread with both entries, and the voting will begin.

And The Rules:
  • You may only participate in one battle at a time, so don't issue multiple challenges at once.
  • Only two members per battle.
  • Entries must not have been posted on AO before, whether in the general poetry forum or for any contests. Show us your talent by creating something entirely new!
  • All entries must be your ORIGINAL work; plagiarism will absolutely not be tolerated. If I find that your entry is someone else's work, not only will you be disqualified from the battle, I will personally advocate your permanent banning from AO.

So keep it clean, people...and let the battles begin!!