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Thread: Pondering the Void; Unreality

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    Pondering the Void; Unreality

    Everything around us is real in the realist way
    People have said words before, made theories
    To confuse us and change what is real into what is not
    Simply a malfunction of to many rationalities

    A changing of perception
    An estrangement to logic, smoke and mirrors
    Nothing can change the fact that all things have a certain tangibility
    That the mind if a real thing, intangible albeit

    Those old deceptions hiding in a midnight cloak of words
    Obliging the mind's curiosity of that unknown
    A huge booming echoing off the walls
    Declaring war on those that find themselves with substance

    Taking an already warped thought and bending it
    Demonstrating that there are no impossibilities
    Only if you accept the psychogeists lies though
    A world full of tainted transcendence into a vast unreality

    The great new plain in which being takes place solely
    But not something that wishes to be called a reality
    An endless new field of perception that houses insanity
    Merely an existence of things tangible

    This is all just another human misconception
    An entertainment of rampant thoughts in a deluded mind
    Indeed there is a reality and the right to question it
    But that begs a question

    Well, it's 6:30 in the mourning here and I haven't slept yet so you can chalk this poem up to sleepless profoundity. Uh, if there are words missing and errors I would not make otherwise.. please forgive me. I think the words are there, but they may not all be.. I think maybe I should sleep, I'm starting to sound more crazy than I am.

    Enjoy it as best you can, and tell me what you think.. and don't mind the mountain of wrongs you're sure to find..
    the love you withhold is the pain you carry.

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    Re: Pondering the Void; Unreality

    wow love the poem, dont worry about the mistakes there aint many anyway love to see more of them as this one is just so amazing

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