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Thread: Prision Break

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    Prision Break

    Can't sit idle for too long.
    I refuse to sit in this dark
    corner any longer. I must
    break free from the chains
    of depression.

    I'll find a way out. Dig
    with a spoon if I have to.
    But I'll more than likely
    just crush through the window.

    I do often wish that I could
    go back in time; change things,
    erase mistakes. But until I get
    a degree in astro-physics, it's
    pretty much impossible.

    So, I will try to make the best
    of what I've got. I won't let
    my life be destroyed by the darkness.
    I must break out of this prision.

    Wish me luck, my friends, for this
    will be one hell of a journey and,
    if the time comes, I just may need
    your help. But for now, I must do
    this on my own.

    And to the one I love, worry not.
    I'll be right by your side, when
    you need me. But first, someone
    hand me that spoon so I can get out
    of this hole...

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    Re: Prision Break

    Wierd, as most of what I seen you post around, you seem to be in a debate or talking about relief on things as if you are traped in a lifestyle that you want relief. Then you make this poem which seems to continue down that same emotion of being traped. With all that and this poem combine together this makes it really interesting and indepth to a person's character.
    In the Light we see Fire.
    In the Dark we feel Fire.

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    Re: Prision Break

    nicely done.......this is full of dark emotions and feelings.............
    I like the unique way of rhythm you have in this one......

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