All things in the world exist but
only by two words can they exist ‘properly’
these words are the theory of the universe
the very foundation by which we live

One breath can speak these words
one simple action could personify them
but one word is their story it
can summarize both of them

The words must be followed strictly
too much of one could kill the world
these elusive words sing an unconscious symphony
they run across our eyes while we look at the world

What if words could kill, we'd all be gone
if words could heal and mend the
promise of a perfect world could be real
filled with the perfect people

But which word must we follow to achieve perfection
what path must we take and which fork do we follow
should the world be forced into this conformity
should the populace change because of an ideal

Can one not exist on a road away from these words
without the shadow of morality binding us to choice
the shackles of good and evil hanging heavily upon
the great single being humanity has become

Who are we to be forced into decision
the one decision that can save man from dubious choice
a choosing that will stop discrimination
The one and final word that can bring about Utopia

There is no freedom in living this lie
conforming to this so called Utopia
this choice is vile in its purity, but
can there not be a being beyond good and evil

Another revision done. It's a fifty-fifty here... I like both versions, this one, at the end, makes way more sense in my mind. If you guys want to see the old version just check out my threads started thing, it's still there.

As always, enjoy.