Civilization is an ideal, a following.
There is no unique, no special, just different.
Man cannot live without murder or death,
it has become as necessary as oxygen.

Without war, where would Earth be?
Our planet will have fallen from space,
the immense population falling along with it.
Killing takes away the burden of life.

News of genocide across the seas,
shields us from the plain facts.
Our world is coming to an end,
The era of 'humane death' shall be no more.

The planet will wilt and decay.
Living existence following deftly after
almost like a murder following a bullet.
The skies will turn black on that day.

Many will die for the forever-unnamed cause.
Everyone will scream, cry, and shout,
their families dead, their bodies beaten blue.
Soon, the sweet maiden Death will seize them.

This is the torrid truth, the perceived reality.
Again, all we can see are the lies and artificial smiles.
These are the unavoidable facts, the predetermined fate.
The question; who will usher in Armageddon, who will kill us all...

I posted this is the Library but I'm eager to hear what everyone thinks and as some know, it moves slow like a turtle there, so why not post it here where others can see and, hopefully, where more will post what they think... it's very important I hear other people's thoughts on this one..