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Thread: Pushing My Buttons!!

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    Pushing My Buttons!!

    You must be out of your mind ,
    you walk that line like it was a
    game that can be won with stupidty
    well i am sorry to say that that line is
    a mine field in it could blow your ass

    Laugh all you want and keep putting
    a foot over that line then pull it back
    because that one time you put that foot
    there it might be cut from cut of your ingorant
    body of yours , how i despise how you treat
    life like you will live for ever , if you only knew
    how wrong you are.

    You can think that i am joking and push your
    luck and see if you push that button that seems
    to not work when you keep being stupid in your
    ways , just know one day my button will go broke
    and your hopes of seeing tomorrow will disapear
    with a flick of my wrist as i snap your neck and hanf
    your body from the tree of whoa for others to see.

    this poem is about how people tend to push buttons
    over and over on people thinkiing all they will get a few
    words said to them and maybe evne some anger but its to
    these people i say becarfull because pushing that button
    on people to much wil end bad for you. there was no bad intent
    when this poem was done it was just something i wrote.
    comments and sugestions are welcomed.
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    Isolate and save you from yourself

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    Re: Pushing My Buttons!!

    Scary how true this poem is. I've had alot of people push my buttons one to many times before and I took all I could then I just went off on them. People really can go too far sometimes and it shouldn't be that way. I could feel the anger in it. Great job sweetie.
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    Re: Pushing My Buttons!!

    Wow!!! This poem actually does tell the truth on everything!!! That just makes it so exciting!!!!! And it kinda scares me a bit it's nice! I hope to see more!
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    Re: Pushing My Buttons!!

    OOOooohhhh... The anger... The fury... Im loving it.

    Keep it up.. just let those feelings fly free.
    ... Not Ever Again...

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    Re: Pushing My Buttons!!

    lmao....what a great poem ....theres ALOT of people id love to send this to...(stupid peoples!)

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