The dew on the grass catches a sparkle in
the faded sunlight, only seen out of the
corner of my eye.

As we sat on the edge of the dock
sloshing our toes through the water,
you looked over at me, the dusk sun shining behind you, your eyes glistened
casting blue and green reflections on my face.

I moved my hand to rest on top of yours,
causing a shift in the neon filled clouds

You've left a light on in my heart that
sends electricity storming through my veins,
like a rainstorm on the open sea.

With every wish I make, I can hear your
laugh faintly come into play, with every move
I make I can feel your footsteps beside me.

Can you help me feel alive?
Can you make me feel real?

As dashed away from the dock trying
to beat the rain, my heart beating faster
and faster, I looked over at you, your hair
wind blown and sodden, softly grabbing your
face our lips met.