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Thread: The Question

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    The Question

    Please beware: this one's loooooooooong.


    Coming atop the hill,
    looking over the distant harbour,
    and the barges and ships
    are lined up like strong crosses,
    in places huge nails raised
    dripping red with rust
    on all four corners
    bearing a symbol
    representing an old Biblical
    story and yet,
    no one's listening.
    Placid, slaves of sin,
    walking the earth,
    consuming the world,
    and I wonder why
    nothing shines, nothing glistens,
    everything barren,
    a desert
    of concrete specs and haze.
    I am one of them,
    straying away,
    thinking to myself,
    and I am watching
    the barges and ships
    next to the horizon
    and with the sight
    of crosses,
    I turn my eyes
    toward Heaven.
    And I ask,
    "Who am I,
    what am I?"

    Is that a light,
    pulling apart
    those cloudy gates,
    pouring its splendor
    upon the earth,
    and why am I
    in the center of it?
    We're all fools,
    broken, useless
    in the curse
    of consumption,
    but maybe
    there are others like me,
    searching, waiting,
    led astray
    because they know
    that something's not right.
    Some of them
    understand what I'm
    trying to find,
    yet I can't find them,
    hidden from my view,
    a spec of gold
    in a desert of sand,
    and I can see them,
    but I can't
    find them
    because I am blind.
    And I ask,
    "Who am I,
    what am I?"

    Look at
    the unfortunates,
    ignoring the barges,
    passing by
    with blank expressions
    spread across their faces,
    seized by temptations,
    a veil of darkness
    pulled down
    to hide those aspects
    so placid.
    Scattered throughout
    this world,
    they walk
    the easy path
    of the sinful life,
    of a dark forest
    of fire,
    yet there are those
    who know truth,
    who know
    this Biblical significance.
    Yet, in any case,
    it is the same old thing,
    the same day,
    same week, same month,
    year, world, life,
    and time wears on,
    spinning its wheel,
    the Wheel of Life,
    from birth,
    to child,
    to adult,
    to elderly,
    to death,
    and beyond death,
    beyond that
    last stepping stone
    of life
    into magnificence,
    or Hell,
    that vast eternity
    of forever and ever,
    a continuous motion.
    And I ask,
    "Who am I,
    what am I?"

    the cycle of life,
    living for eternity...
    forgiveness for my sins;
    they are all here,
    the people
    who understand the message,
    who see as I see
    that something,
    is not right
    with the world.
    And I see
    from atop the hill,
    the barges and ships
    lined up like strong crosses
    in places huge nails raised
    dripping red with rust
    on all four corners
    of each one
    bearing a symbol
    representing an old Biblical
    and people are listening.

    I had
    asked the question,
    the answer
    lying within me,
    and little by little,
    it is revealed to me,
    told to me,
    by the supernatural
    Life, Omniscient, All-powerful,
    and I am forgiven
    for Eternity.
    And I ask,
    "Who am I,
    what am I?"

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    Re: The Question

    Unfortunately I have read half of your poem and I must say that this was close related to a Bible story right?>...
    Well I must say that this poem was written with a large imagination and of course a very difficult to understand on what's the author's point of writting th is but somewhat I realli have a thinking that you are describing yourself and a place right? if I'm not mistaken.

    Well I like this poem...
    Keep up the good work DUDE!
    I loved her so much.... i would dare to risk my own life only to save her from dying....
    I loved my GF...

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    Re: The Question

    I like. I like. I love long peoms. Short poems dont cut it for me. If they ar too short that means they'll turn out never truely done. I love this poem. OK i'll take a crack at what it means(all great peoms arent easily gotten in one blow, take Shakespear for instance, that dude wrote peotry that was way before his time and he didnt get the credit he deserved till his old age) ok ummm you describing a place you stand. You dont know who you are. you see that heaven opens up to you and like ghost or whatnot are around you, idk maybe demons, again you dont know who you are. Soo by the end of the poem you find out yur dead.

    Sorry if i butchered the meaning of your poem. ^^
    Shippo is determined to become a lvl higher
    I'm a solider of Pen and Paper!
    <3 Atomik_Sprout <3

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