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Thread: Quiet time (REBUILD)

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    Quiet time (REBUILD)

    When they all have gone away.
    I am left with...


    Absence of chaos.
    Never has there been a greater gift.

    The chance to REBUILD!

    This time to give birth to thoughts.
    Time to escape from pain.
    Showing self how strong I've become.
    Stopped hurting just to please someone.
    Now I only cry for the ME.
    She who loved so relentlessly.

    And, in all the thoughts I birth.
    It only hurts, because I had forgotten my worth.
    And the one who once inflicted pain?
    Is weakend now... and not the same.
    At times, wishing I could lift it up.
    But I can't sacrifice my peace... I've given enough.
    Now instead of BY it, its for it I hurt.
    But from the pain, strength can convert.

    If all you can see in yourself,
    Are the pieces someone left behind....

    Find yourself some quiet time.

    ... Not Ever Again...

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    Re: Quiet time (REBUILD)

    Very nice.
    Although..Some of it didn't exactly roll of the tongue for some reason.
    No matter though, still a great poem!
    keep writing!

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