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Thread: The Rag Doll Poem

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    How much can you love some one?
    But not tell them "I love you?"
    Kiss someone so sweetly and they think you love them
    But you really know you don't
    All you want is someone to play around with
    Someone to be there when you wanna lil' whine and a moan
    I've been plated with for to long
    I'm packing my things and I'm leaving this god forsaken hell hole.
    For my heart bleeds no more
    I planned to run away and live on my own
    But I've got a lover now
    My own lil'boy toy
    He laughs when I say "I wish you were here"
    And he wishes the samething
    I've ran away from this place all alone but I came back with someone new
    His mind is so fun I love hearing what he has to say
    I'm not some doll that you can just play with and then throw away when your done
    I have a family who doesnt care
    I have friends who hate me
    I have girls who are jealous of my and I have boys who want to be with me
    My life is full of drama and my imagination is running wild and free
    When people arent around my imagination runs wild thinking about you and How sweetly you kiss me and how badly I cant get you out of my head.
    And how I can feel your skin touching mine.
    Your always loving me with youunendless passion whispering how much I Mean to you in my ear.
    Runing my fingers through your hair
    I can feel you putting pressure on my hips and bruises on my lips
    I'm glad I ran away from home
    Living in an empty house just you and me
    Day and night an never ending love fest
    God how i never wana lose you
    I sit here on my roof waitching the sun set on my day
    The moon beings to shine and i climb down my ladder and climb through my Window I look up and see you sitting there in you chair reading your book
    You close your bok and look at me
    Bring me in close and whisper "I love you"
    just kiss me so sweetly
    Three simple words that i never hear
    When you love someone you love them with passion
    Our passion our simple pleasures
    I can still feel your kiss on my lips as i sit here writing this poem.
    The world is cruel and so cold seperating us
    Like a brick wall separating me from reality
    Just so that i wont feel alone
    But sometimes I think its better to be alone then to be used for someone Elses simple pleasures.
    So kiss me like you never kissed anyone in your life
    But dont tell me that you love until you cant go on living without me
    THen throw me away like you would a ragdoll
    I'm not your ragdoll
    I'm a loved person writing this loveless song

    i know its a bit long but it means alot to me you know its kind of a symbol peom i guess im not really sure myself to tell everyone the truth lol
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    I wish a life of a love of a life. Send a light to through the darkest of nights. Let a kiss fly from the heart. Love me like you loved me in our past lives. Send this pain back to me these cold lonely nights. Haunt all my fanasties leave all my dreams shadow yourself once again into me....

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