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Thread: rage

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    in a place beyond the reaches of time, gripped with sorow, pain driving everything to insanity.
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    My pained heart is dark
    Filled with despair
    One cannot prepare
    For its insightful mark

    My mind is shaken
    All hope has failed
    All is forsaken
    My heart now bailed

    My heart once was flesh
    But now is glass
    My feelings once a mesh
    Are not but a mass

    All my fears
    All of my feeling
    My hatred searing
    Yet my head clears

    You the one I hold so precious
    you the one that fills me with warmth comes to mind
    My body, my soul, and my heart now bind
    My heart melts relentless

    My mind now found
    My tattered heart is asunder
    My thoughts now unbound
    My self stops all maunder

    Maunder: intransitive verb to move or act in a vague or aimless way.
    This is about rage one may try to control themselves but all attempts are in vain, within a rage all is nothing, ones emotions becomes blocked by hatred and pain. But one always has someone that calms them down, and gets them to feeling their emotions. One knows what they are doing but are unable to do anything about it, and it pains a person dearly.

    within the darkened realm of the mind, is endless shadows, wrenching pain, warming love, and burning desires.

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    Re: rage

    This is goodIt is always fun to see what it starts as, and then again finished.
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    Re: rage

    This, is awesome, I love how deep it is. It sounds soo deep. I just love poems like these. Wriite moore!!

    Living life on your own..Isn't always that easy..-Vincent

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