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Thread: Rain

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    Come down...
    let the millions of droplets soak me.
    all of them.
    every last one.
    let them cleanse my soul.
    let them take all of my pain,
    and let them take away my worries.
    let the droplets fall,
    and soak my soul,
    like they soak my body.
    fall from the clouds.
    fall from the sky.
    hit my body,
    until it's not longer dry.
    until the very core of me,
    leaves no more pain,
    and suffering within me.
    I would love that,
    with every ounce of my heart.
    come forth...
    and leave this body,
    no room to be dry.
    come down rain.

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    Re: Rain

    That was cute. reminded me of JoJo's song.
    I like it.
    Sinei have to elborate like i know all about poems, i must say that your words flowed well and the message conveyed how you really feel

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