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Thread: Rain Cycle

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    Rain Cycle

    The following poem will now be posted. This poem was the very LAST poem that I wrote in Louisville, and marked the ended poem of my life of false love. the poem makes references to a girl, yet has nothing to do with the girl that i was with, nor any girl that i knew here in Texarkana. The poem was written during a thunderstorm that i was in. I wrote the poem down in my journal, outside of my bug infested apartment, that i was paying way too much for. I needed a stress releaver, and since i was getting no love from my girlfriend within the last few months prior to this, i had to get out in the rain and let it all go. This is what transpired.

    The following poem was written on or around 7/22/2007. The poem was written like a long, forever looping chorus, and was written to a beat i was hearing at the time.. It will be placed on here unchanged from it's original content. Thank you for reading this and I hope that you enjoy it. Thank you. Sincerely, The White Rose...

    -Rain Cycle-

    Striking lightning,
    pouring rain.
    pounding thunder,
    all the same.

    rain come falling,
    rain come down.
    soaken body
    soaken ground.

    let the rain,
    hit your soul.
    keep it in,
    don't let it go.

    soaken hair,
    stick to me.
    make it so it's,
    hard to see.

    let my spirit,
    soar with flight.
    win this stupid,
    inner fight.

    watch out now,
    rain come pouring.
    as i'm up,
    rain cloud soaring.

    high above,
    the soaken Earth.
    get away from,
    where i was given birth.

    rain hath tried,
    stop my soaring.
    it's sad attempt,
    is getting boring.

    my old battle,
    just begun.
    as i'm up,
    with flying fun.

    cannot see,
    my old life.
    trying to get,
    my loving wife.

    flying to her,
    with recklessness.
    trying to get,
    through all this.

    let my love,
    send me higher.
    i'm not getting,
    any dryer.

    let me have,
    my wet flying fun.
    this night flight,
    has just begun.

    if you want,
    more of this.
    treat this rain,
    like a chorus....

    (Continue from the top, and repeat at your leisure.)

    -White Rose-

    -In loving memories of all my friends I lost because of a lost love.-

    Far be it for me to be anything special, when the only special thing I desire with me, is the special person I share my gifts with.

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    Re: Rain Cycle

    this poem has a great meaning to it...
    I really think you should try and write a book or something.
    I like this part about the poem.

    rain come falling,
    rain come down.
    soaken body
    soaken ground.

    let the rain,
    hit your soul.
    keep it in,
    don't let it go.

    soaken hair,
    stick to me.
    make it so it's,
    hard to see.

    again I think you should write a book.

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    Re: Rain Cycle

    Very nice! I can see why you have a fangirl now, LOL.

    I like this poem. You've done a good job of using your envronment as fuel for your poetic fire. ^_^ You're rhyming was smooth and the poem flowed nicely. I was listening to the Samurai Champloo soundtrack while reading this and it was like I was reading along to the song. Well done.

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