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Thread: Rainbow

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    Lightbulb Rainbow

    Lets see if you can make out whats the rain and the rainbow

    As she gulped away
    her slowly awakening tears
    the clouds rumbling above
    put into motion : their gears

    the sky slowly came to life ,
    as the Lord opened the gates
    of Heaven , the to-be residence
    of a million fortunate fates

    Then to fight her inner demons
    God's little soldiers heaved down
    as quick as lightning toward her
    and washed her eyes so ever brown

    then through her revived vision she saw
    that out came the banded spectrum of colours , the reminder
    of Gods never ending faithful love to her

    ^_^ Hope you like it ^_^

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    Re: Rainbow

    That was just beautiful, i like how you made the earth sound like a crying girl, good metaphor. Very poetic and deep. Kudos to that.

    Death is as generation is, a composition of like elements, and a decompostion into the same.

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