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Thread: Rambling tales of a fool...

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    Rambling tales of a fool...

    Heres some of my writing.. not to great.. but poetic nonetheless..

    Progenies of a Darker Curse III

    Into the dark alone he rode,
    down the path of a forgotten road,
    to seek his love through night of peril,
    He strode to the final gates of hell.
    A quick strike with sword of myth,
    he took his step into the conceiling mist.
    A statusqe creature stood ahead,
    so gnarled and maimed, a face of the dead.
    With a blink of life the stone receded,
    a live statue consumed with hate conceaded,
    with eyes empty of that of lust,
    he spoke unto him from behind the ages of dust.
    "'O ye child of christ, thy master calls for the..
    "If thy shall raise thy sword, to death ye shall be."
    He stood his ground with thoughts of his love.
    Raised his sword, strike with a gleam of blood.
    the beast fell, a pawn of evil dispelled.
    god forgive him if he failed.
    he'd tread light with senses aware.
    behind the shadow he'd reach the tower of stairs.
    one by one he scaled their height,
    closer and close to the final fight.

    Mmmk so that's it for this one.. hope it's not to bad.

    Random untitled giberish:

    Destroyed, this night i walk alone, I can’t see you in the darkness, I’m so scared.
    Will you reach out, can you touch me, I’m so broken and it’s not my fault,
    Desire, past death I’m do, this life I lead tis not true.
    Breathing heavy, ghastly winds turn my face. Strike me honest, kill my valor, take my place.
    I’m so worthless, deeply hopeless, can you see where I went wrong?

    I cry for pain of death,
    Nothings left for me to suffer,
    bring my fate, hells lost lover.

    This damned soul has caught its last toll,
    Come rest easy, lay down your head,
    Feel the darkness bleeding red,
    Taste the void of your blank mind,
    embrace the wards of lost time.
    in death comes new life, I’ve broken down
    Avoid the light and gods sound.
    The angelic horns are dead to me,
    Deaf to the ways of that you lead.
    I sell my faith for a glass of purity,
    I burn my hate for eternal clarity.
    Oh can you help me,
    Break the misery,
    Slake the calamity.


    To adhere to the ways of misfortunate deeds,
    Is to burn the plant from within the seed.
    I cry to the lord of discontent,
    Watch as the path unfolds in its intent.
    Wandering on I wonder what went wrong,
    Trudging on I lose myself in song,
    With words of grace reality recedes,
    And with a bardic pace luxury proceeds.
    From what island of solitude have I been.
    From what sea of despair have a swam.
    traveling on I look not to the past,
    For as quickly as the days go.. it might be my last.
    So to the future I take a step one foot at a time,
    Stepping over the past heeding fates final sign,
    My time here in this world is but a moment,
    But what a moment shall it be,
    That I would cry out from the dark,
    and lift my head up with an infinite spark.
    Know my name and remember me well,
    For in this life I will gain strength and never fail.
    And so are the ramblings of a drunken fool,
    For in this world I’m but the insolent tool.

    This ones for my girlfriend... I love her so much yet I write so horribly..

    Together Forever.

    So far away from your sacred touch,
    So close to your spirit’s crutch,
    I reach out to you across the land,
    I whisper your name into a soft wind.
    A faint sound carried by the breeze,
    Fear not harm, I’m here to put you at ease.

    Take my hand ‘O damaged one,
    Lay with me until the rising sun,
    Breath slow with thoughts so calm,
    Touch my cheek with hands so warm,
    Feel our passion in the mid-winters night,
    Caress our love with your hearts delight.

    At first on the day of the Norns.
    we were brought together in each other’s arms.
    So reluctant the faith we shared,
    That some one was there ready to care.
    The sight of chance looked upon us,
    And we took it with unknowing trust.

    I sang from that which we shared,
    For the powers of unknown had situated us paired.
    Two beings fit for each others souls,
    Two creatures together at what ever toll,
    Together we rise like a petulant fire.
    And together we shall stay until fates desire.

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    Re: Rambling tales of a fool...

    Some more from me...

    A walk to the grave"

    Walk with me under moon lit skies,
    This garden of grave deceased,
    Thy hollowed ground brought by priests,
    Tread soft the grass beneath,
    walk with me in the land of peace,
    touch thy cheek and hold me close,
    Confess our love to an ancient ghost,
    break the meaning of ill omen,
    walk with me in the harbor of fallen,
    speak not the words of uncertain doubt,
    the pillar that holds our love is stout.


    Deny not thine faith of life,
    'O goddess of love, hide thy knife,
    Break the silence of deserved damnation,
    Calm thy screams of painful infliction,
    Come to me thine child of salvation,
    Fear not the wounds of malevolent creation,
    Tread light upon thine corpse grave,
    I revel in this life you saved,
    This throne of strife, I remain your slave,
    and walk the corpse littered road you paved,
    A drip of drop the blood I'll taste,
    a blood oath in my masters place,
    wash our hands of the curse repaid,
    drink the life from our brethren prey,
    Shed not the tears of broken angst,
    It's true the radiance of light grows faint,
    a curse struck upon us from a lesser saint,
    The color of shadow our souls now paint,
    Lift your head 'o little one,
    Rise anew and suffer none,
    Walk with me, a fellow vagabon,
    Cast not your shadow from the rising sun,
    Turn your back on the life you knew,
    Accept the silence where you voice stood true,
    Live forever and fear not death,
    For peace of sleep is all that's left.


    Flesh so pale I quench thine thirst,
    Bloodstaind lips, I damn this curse,
    A fang to drain the life of pain,
    a drop to stop this rancid game,
    Bleed me dry and break thy bone,
    watch me cry as I turn to stone,
    Frozen here with thoughts diseased,
    a reluctant tear left uneased,
    clasp thine hands and pluck thine eye,
    Break thy curse upon thy knight,
    Freey thy sword and let thine fight.

    "The hunt"

    Think me not a petulant fool,
    Take this life of a festered ghoul,
    I am but thy masters tool,
    And to wish death upon him is thy goal,
    Take this point of wood, this water of christ,
    and for the appointed good, end his life,
    to his chamber as he sleeps,
    in the light of day, his fate you keep,
    But 'ye be warned if night shall fall,
    the beast will wake and your flesh he'll gnaw,
    across the bridge of forgotten sorrow,
    through catacombs of darkened shadow,
    a path beneath to the beast above,
    seek him out and save your love,
    in the finest room, end of the darkest path,
    find his sleeping corpse and end his wrath,
    then down the corridor you'll find your bride,
    Take her by the hand and return alive.

    "What the Reaper Sows"

    I reach inside pulling out thy own defect,
    through the mirror I pity thy spirits neglect,
    Within shattered pieces of translucent glass,
    The hour of three has yet to pass,
    Through the void I stare into space,
    Finding my mind in an empty place,
    Spiraling; Up is left and down is right,
    A turn of the clock and opposites fight,
    one more stroke and time realigns,
    Another tick and I'll see the signs,
    forces unknown reveal the other side,
    the end of the tunnel where holy souls died,
    Light recedes the shadow above,
    the darkness crawls into a choking glove,
    grasping and gasping, ill life comes faint,
    Crushed trachea beneath the evil restraint,
    Claws dig in the skin of life,
    scratching and slicing like a rusted knife,
    the trance resumes as the dark consumes,
    Breath stops as the reaper presumes,
    The pale hand of Celestrial might,
    Sent across plains to extinguish light,

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