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Thread: randomness ( sorry I'm sugar high)

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    randomness ( sorry I'm sugar high)

    Knife, knife baby Large vein maybe?
    Cut it open with a Knife! (knife, knife, knife)
    Do you do the emo, If not, do so!
    She'll cut you open with a knife! (knife, knife, knife)
    See the real pain And you will gain . . .
    Power over all your knives! (knife, knife, knife)
    When you're dopey, You're not mopey,
    So snort up some of that CRACK! (crack, crack, crack)
    Don't do drugs, 'Cause that's just dumb.
    I think I'm losing my mind! (mind, mind, mind)
    Knife, Knife, Knife, Knife.

    Fun box, Oh fun box,
    it's small and square and dark! Fun box,
    Oh fun box check out these cool fun locks!!

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    Re: randomness ( sorry I'm sugar high)

    I don't know but for some reason it reminds me of a funny song. I'm sorry but I like it cause of that. It just reminds me of a song thats all. Hope to see more even though your high on sugar. (Laughs)
    「When I'm sad, I stop being sad and be awesome instead」

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