this is a song this is so long
a very long song to me it belongs
its also a favour to those who burnt my flavour
this poem will take your mind
it will make you blind
im not afraid
i cant fear
my heart is strong
my hope is real
with these words ill be more clear
my mind is my light
my pain is my power
my way is long but my heart is strong
my destany is written
my crime is livin
my pain is my brain
my fear is god you should really fear him
i do have feelings
you better not hurt them
it makes me unhappy
when i see others hope
i hate my family
i hate my home
when i see others happy
i feel so cold
i need a fmily
to get some wormth
this world is a tragedy
you need in it a storm
you need sth happy
you need sth strong
to make always satesfied
to let you write a song
a happy family you should find
to a happy family you should be kind
i ahte my family
to the immortality