I did this, I did that.
Playing their games,
just lying back.

Don't say a word
or tomorrow its going to hurt.
Just be a good girl now,
keep it a secret, somehow...

I cried, I lied and inside...
I died!

At ten I was broken, used,
alone, scared, abused...

Stop him God, I can't take this anymore.
He won't get off me,
I feel like a whore.

Father God, I will call You Father no more.
You didn't stop him,
You did nothing.
Now I'm broken, down on the floor.

I gave away my soul to the first guy I met.
Who cares anyway if he takes me to bed.
I was just a throw away stray.
They could all take what they could get.

I hated myself to the point of self-destruction.
All used up, abused up, cut up
I crawled back to You, oh God.

You have never left me.
Why couldn't I see?
Your tears flow through me, over me,
burning my wounds and opening
my scars, revealing all secrets
hidden in my heart.

The heart of stone is ripped out,
forcefully yet lovingly and gentle.
You put the heart in Your Hands
and wept over it.
I couldn't stand seeing You cry over me.

"No", I shouted, "give me back my heart"
You turned around with eyes so full of love
and compassion saying:"This is
not a game, this is for real!"
Then You opened Your Hands
and I saw it...I am alive