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Thread: A realization

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    A realization

    The light has come on
    My life has changed
    I have realized who I am
    What I am about

    Should I have expected this though?
    It seems as if I should have
    This is something everyone should of seen coming
    Why didn't I?

    This is going to be a different experience
    An experience that I am not prepared for
    I guess I have to work with it
    This is a change that everyone will enjoy

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    Re: A realization

    I'm slightly confused--only cuz I have no idea what you're realizing--but I still like this poem. ^_^ It's very... Uhh... How to put it? Self-interrogative. If that works. ^_^

    I'm questioning what is it you're sure everyone will enjoy though. Only cuz there's always room for detail in poetry, but the lack of it kinda makes good mystery. LOL. I'm quite certain others who read this will be just as "WTH?" as me. LOL Which is good!

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