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Thread: Reckoning

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    Post Reckoning


    There shall be a time of reckoning,
    a time to rise above the horizon,
    a time to fall in to the abyss.

    A time when men are to be judged,
    the purity of their souls measured.
    Will you have the heart to step up to the scales,
    or is your soul rotten, withered and empty.

    The time of judgement falls upon men,
    the inevitable fate that divides us.
    Live pure and you shall receive a haven,
    live to the extreme and be cast away by eternity.

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    Re: Reckoning

    *Thinks, stroking chin. Sounds like an intro to a story. It doesn't really touch a nerve like some do, but it's a very thought provoking piece. It seriously would make a totally wicked intro to a story though!
    Writing is life again.

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