I am currently recruiting ppl for my new anime project. I already planned a cast of characters and a story line. If any1 wishes to help me plz email me at [email protected] or at [email protected]. the name of my new anime is called THE SATAN. It is a fanfic related to bleach. It is about a boy named Indigo, who finds out he is a Satan, member of the demon clan. So, he ends up finding that he will be the 1 to destroy the human world, so that hell and heaven crosses over. There, the demons will fight the angels and then conquer hell, heaven, and the human world. FIrst, Indigo has to save his city, because demons who want him to start taking action decided to desrtoy his home, that would sent him to full demon rage which would be enough to destroy the human world. But indigo instead finds himself befriending with a guy named Takashi. Takashi was a famous demon slayer before he cracked his magic limits and was forced to live a human life. SUddenly Indigo transferrred some of his demonic magic into TAKASHI, and the demon slayer in him was reborn again. Then the story continues as Indigo and Takashi meat 3 new friends, as the betray the demon clan, and save hell, heavan, and the human world. So, email me if u want to help me with my anime it would be very much apprecieted. Credits will go out to helpers every 5 minutes of the show. So, it would help u ppl who help me get into the anime biz. hav a great sumer