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Thread: A Relationship Against Destiny The First Five Parts.

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    A Relationship Against Destiny The First Five Parts.

    This took me three days to write. A very long time. It is my second longest poem and was written almost backwards. The first chapter i wrote conserned the young Hosakawa fighting at night. Since we are only allowed then thousand charcaters per entry I have diveded it up. This is not my intention and I pray you read it as a whole as I wanted it to be read. Thank you. To put it on the forum like this was a tough decision, of course through feedback you will let me know if I was right or wrong in doing so. But deleting sections was not an option.

    Part I: Dark Side
    A nasty band of scum raids villages in the forest.
    Daily they put peace and faith to the hardest test.
    Innocent people in their way they kill or rape,
    And strangle young girls to death with their own red cape.
    These bastards are the worst sort of murderous thugs,
    Killing even those to who they sale whores and drugs.

    Blazing up villages in homage to the hell in which they will burn.
    The wrath of the divine spirits are the only thing these villains earn.
    Their leader stabbed a cute little girl to death as she was getting raped.
    Across her families dwelling her limp, naked, bruised body was draped.
    As far as it concerns demons on Earth Kiriyama reigns supreme.
    He wants to change the beauty around him into a living bad dream.
    After this brute poisoned an isolated village’s drinking well,
    The gang arrived with water for people at the highest price to sale.
    Death and torture surely follow in each of the villages he hits.
    With money that he has looted he buys brains for what he lacks in wits.
    What is it that would make a human being turn out this twisted way.
    The brute’s sister cannot say why he is the terror he is today.
    It seems this horrid Bandit-King is void of any human emotion .
    He takes life and everything people have with no second notion.
    At their layer, where they torture the innocent and drink victims blood,
    There is so much plunder from working class men it looks like a golden flood.
    That brood makes all sorts of skin crawl, maybe even a mighty trees bark.
    People like these murderous raiders are why good people fear the dark.
    Hung over the entrance to his hideout in red script for all to see,
    Reads the dread motto “So mean, before me even venom serpents flee.”

    Part II: Better Side
    There is a village high in the Iga mountains that is almost hidden.
    Hard to get near and for outsiders bringing in weapons is forbidden.
    For the last few hundred years from the time of their youth they learn how to fight.
    But it is strictly for defense, they have no desire to exercise might.
    Knowledge of this horrid lowland tyrant causes these folks much frustration.
    Seeing the fires at night some desire to test their martial education.
    It is known this menace has a hoard of only one or two hundred strong.
    Against over four hundred armed and trained men the fight would not last too long.
    But the council will not allow the village to be drawn into a war.
    So they just train to the point when they are exhausted and muscles are soar.

    All of them are disciplined but one is a much better fighter than them all.
    And when the council of elders appointed him sama he answered the call.
    Sugimaru Sasuke, a noble leader does justice to his father’s name.
    Do not let his politeness and thin body fool you, he is anything but tame.
    An expert in all things that pertain to the art of mortal combat,
    Has developed his skills to a point, he can instantly lay opponents flat.
    In many ways when compared to Kiriyama Shuya he should cause much more fear.
    But aside from hard training his sense of justice comes across very sincere.
    Not for luck, the reason he was appointed was not on a frivolous whim.
    His gracious and gorgeous mother Yuka died giving birth to him.
    The leader’s father during a drought had a hard path for the village to choose.
    There was a small number the village in order to keep going had to lose,
    So the burden would be lighter to another place they decided to go.
    Where to is a mystery, they would not let those who stayed in the village know.
    Of those few who left the old leader himself was one.
    This guaranteed if possible they would save his son.
    Sacrifice pleased the spirits and the sky shed its tears.
    What became of the fifty long ago no one hears.

    Part III: A Relationship Develops
    A young woman walked in the woods happy for a few days to be rid her brother.
    Suddenly the pretty one stopped, hating fights she feared hearing steps of another.
    As soon as she began backing up her foot caught on a root, she starts to trip.
    Out of nowhere a set of firm arms grabbed onto the woman before she could slip.
    The stranger was tall and skinny but despite that he had a hell of a grip.
    He said, “hello my name is Sugimaru. I was here practicing swordsmanship.”
    Because of Shuya she fears speaking, but the hill is steep, she could have been damaged.
    After many second. “I am Kiriyama Miho,” with effort she managed.
    Sasuke unleashes his sword, “He hates me for Shuya” is the thought that did occur.
    Opening her eyes, she sees remains of a headless viper fall in front of her.
    Looking at him Miho found goodness in this that few others ever get to see.
    He explains, “it was slithering toward you, colors blended in well with the tree.”
    The raider’s sister emotionally as well as physically for him fell.
    And for whatever reason the village leader quickly got along with her as well.
    The two would always meet up when for a few days her terrible brother was gone.
    She came to the same spot and he would jump out silent and as graceful as a fawn.
    Since Miho carried no weapons her presence at the village they did not mind much,
    Though knowing her brother is poisonous, feared she will destroy all that she would touch.
    At an official wedding ceremony to each other they were committed.
    From her beastly brother this information intentionally was omitted.
    Destiny’s wide smirk may have caused a sliver of denial driven hope in some,
    But most people in the village and all the elders knew confrontation would come.
    It was an otherwise happy event that set things into a flame that runs wild.
    After two years as faithful husband and wife Kiriyama Miho conceived a child.
    From fear of her brother she fled to Sugimaru’s village to seek Asylum.
    For she knew the brother would kill her and turn her skin into the head of a drum.

    Part Shi: Council Meeting
    The whole village for the council meeting is gathered here.
    All know the time of conflict with tyrant Shuya is near.
    Facts that these ones in the mountains must fight are clear enough.
    But what to do with the two is a matter that is tough.
    As the oldest Sensei, Minamaru speaks his mind first.
    “I must say I have seen bad times, this is far from the worst.
    When we let her in the decision in our hearts was made,
    Or else her coming up to this place would have been forbade.
    Personally I hope to watch these bandits taken down.
    And see their leader have to eat his curst makeshift crown.
    My mind knows that against the two action will be taken.
    I wished not to see the Sama of our group forsaken.”

    When he is done it is the oldest female.
    “A few of ours will destroy them without fail.
    This one weakness in him my heart will forgive.
    Though he will be punished we must let him live.
    A shame the stars he was born under aligned like this.”
    On his scalp the honorable mom gives him a kiss.

    Old man Hosakawa is the last elder to speak.
    Though an ancient pacifist he is by no means weak.
    “We all know of me, and how I lost my closest kin.
    There is no glory in war, even for those who win.
    To carry on my name I have no kids of my own.
    My precious brother was stripped by birds down to the bone.
    In this world I have one thing left; that is my nephew.
    If he comes to harm what is there left for me to do?”

    Minamaru passes out the judgment, “a small group will wait in defense,
    And as punishment you two shall be in exile five years from this day hence.”
    On the verge of tears a nice young woman called Noriko begins to shake.
    “Tomorrow you go to a pier, a ship going to Siam you will take.
    As an escort against bandits Hosakawa Shinji has offered to go.”
    At this old man Hosakawa looks down, and to himself prays it is not so.

    Part 5: His Plan
    The bandit king thinks to raid them with a simple plan.
    Only a real foolhardy man would think that he can.
    A paltry thirty stand not a chance even on horse.
    Foolish, but it comes from a most incompetent source.
    Besides sending all his mounted guard to take them down,
    The vandal will send spies on the way to the cape town.
    This idiot thinks if all the shipping posts are swept,
    These tragic two he will be able to intercept.
    He does not know these two travel with a noble sword,
    Who would be glad to give life in service to his lord.
    As for how unskilled the thugs men are he will find out.
    But now as he grins, his bloodriders he does not doubt.
    Brute brawlers who hack and flay, they are void of any style.
    No rank structure, battle formation, or sort of file.
    For such reasonable things of now he does not care.
    What consumes him is thought of making a real nightmare.
    One thought fills the mind of one so evil and burly,
    Slicing her open to deliver the baby early.

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