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Thread: A Relationship Against Destiny The Last Parts

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    A Relationship Against Destiny The Last Parts

    Pleas Read the first parts before reading this.

    Hosakawa Shinj
    With a lamp to see through the dark, walk the good three.
    Shinji brings them to the pier to sail on the sea.
    So dark it is hard on sight even with the lamp.
    From the raining earlier the ground is still damp.
    The son of Hosakawa Tenchi has the lead.
    Hoping his sword will have no cause to see men bleed.
    Nearing the dock a gang of four from a tree jumps.
    Standing between them and his lord, Shinji’s heart pumps.
    He stands calm, veteran of much sparring and fights.
    The lamp to see the way to the bay he unlights.
    The protected lovers jaunt off without a word.
    Still seeing their lamp Shinji unleashes his sword.

    Our warrior strikes at the chest of one of the villainous four.
    Through the cruel man’s heart the heroic striker’s blade easily tore.
    Struck to his knees, from his gasping mouth blood flies as he starts to cough.
    Scared for life the three remaining devils quickly turn their lamp off.
    Foreshadowing results clouds above them again begin to cry.
    Everyone is silent, the only thing they here is hawks fly.
    One man smiles, he has thought of a cruel way to make him break.
    Knifed by one of his own a man screams from the sudden ache.
    The protector thinks one of them tripped or made a mistake.
    No way for him to know that this accident was a fake.
    One of the two stabs him when he jumps in for the attack.
    Wounded badly, to the cover of darkness the brave sword jumps back.
    Apprehension still weighs heavy on the treacherous two.
    The fighter is noble and true, this battle is not through.
    Thinking in the rain, he ignores pain but starts to shiver.
    Not from cold or nerves but of blood flowing from the liver.

    His mind flashes back to his youth, almost twenty years ago.
    When he was walking out to the field, young lad just learning to sow.
    His kind bear of an uncle said “later what do you want to be?”
    The boy says “A strong warrior just like my father, you will see.”
    The uncle sighed saying “your dad died young, though he was hard and fast.
    One decade and I still miss him in all these years that have gone past.”
    Then memories shift to when he would train in woods in darkest night,
    Remembering that the two have not moved since the start of the fight.

    Steady now he grips the sword and pulls out a long razor-sharp kama.
    Ready to die for the one who would have made a good village Sama.
    “Sorry uncle. You love me much though growing up I was such a bother.
    We part ways on this evening, for tonight I go join my father.”
    Rushing he strikes at one and hit’s the nasty bandit square in the chest.
    Gets sliced to the spine from behind while putting the kama in the breast.
    With final strength using the katana he cuts off the last one’s head.
    Hosakawa takes a knee, surrounded by the four enemy dead.

    Wishes to see his uncle one last time, but knows that he can’t
    Putting the hilt to his forehead he begins a somber chant.
    Somewhere else a concerned man sees someone practice on the hill.
    Thinks…”My nephew cannot be back so soon, but that is his skill.”
    Running up he recognizes the moves and the perfect thrust.
    And he makes out bright, noble eyes that show he is one to trust.
    Happy as he jumps over a small patch of wild berry crop.
    But noticing something seems off he comes to a sudden stop.
    Old Hosakawa can see through the man as he is a ghost.
    Of all things that scared him he feared outliving Shinji the most.
    Putting his sword down the smiling image disappears with bow.
    His brother and nephew’s sword is all this sad old man has now.

    Noriko’s Love
    A group of seven patiently wait in night’s black,
    When bloodriders come all these men will attack.
    A woman stalks secretly in the groups shadow.
    Of her presence or reason she is there none know.
    She shed tears earlier, Noriko is her name.
    To die for the man she loves most is why she came.
    Sasuke Sama’s ship hours ago cast off its plank.
    And is half way past the place called Naruto bank.
    Behind a stone she sees from torches they are near,
    Thinking of Sugimaru takes away her fear.
    Coming close the action starts and the traps are set.
    Several are taken down by trip rope and net.
    One armed with a bow lets loose his first fast arrow,
    Sharpened down fine they cut deep though they are narrow.
    Some are pierced through and get stuck to their horse’s hide.
    And before the end all riders fall off of their ride.
    Hiroki, the youngest, struck one with sword instead.
    Dodging shuriken he chopped off another’s head.
    But a fast bloodrider struck him straight in the heart.
    Before falling dead he tore his slayer apart.
    The man who killed the most was Hotarri sensei,
    Before he was done six bloodriders he would slay.
    With his rider’s spear he rammed four opponents through.
    Then on drawing his sword he quickly struck for two.

    The idea was to deter them and they did not fail.
    Those seven sent all but Shuya and two others to hell.
    Noriko thinks “cut at my heart it is already scarred.”
    Lifting her sword high she charges at the three of them hard.
    One turns around, right to his stomach she thrust her sharp edge.
    Chopping the others arm off she goes at Shuya full fledge.

    A faint spark in the darkness is seen when the blades knock.
    She moves so swift, he is not skilled, all he does is block.
    A point springs forth from her chest, she was struck from the rear.
    The man whose arm was chopped, still alive, had grabbed a spear.
    Regretful of not confessing her love the eyes tear.
    The only harm she did that foul man was cut his ear.
    As Sugimaru looks through his bag he finds a note.
    In gentle script he sees by Noriko it was wrote.
    With chest cut open she sings as sweet as the swallows.
    Right as this occurs Sugimaru reads as follows.
    What I do I do for the one in this life I love much.
    With me always through tough time is the sense of love you give.
    Your face decorates my heart, my skin remembers your touch.
    As armor I carry it with me as long as I live.

    The Soul’s radiance warms me in cold as I start to shake.
    Your voice is with me forever, borne through storm as a shield.
    If the way is eclipsed in gloom I follow your hearts wake.
    From you my love blooms as a flower even in barren field.

    An oncoming foe brings oppressiveness of harshest night.
    All wounds except to the heart for endless passion fast mend.
    There is no fear when your spirit is with me in the fight.
    The love I carry for you will endure until the end.

    “Tonight I fight in your name, but if I do not come through,
    Hear my wish, in the here after let my soul rest near you.”
    When she is finished, with her sword, he cleaves into her skull.
    What remains of her? Bloody clothes and broken bones are all.

    The Storm
    A huge storm batters on them not long after they set sail.
    The captain is doing his best but it seems he will fail.
    The vessel the two are on is not far off from the coast.
    Though now night he sees it, but that is where waves break the most.
    The ship tips to its side, before sinking they must leave fast.
    But unfortunately Miho is trapped under a mast.
    While the ship sinks Sugimaru holds onto her fingers.
    She tells him to go but refusing her husband lingers.
    As the ship goes under, she grabs a knife, cuts through her arm.
    The exiled lord has just cloth to remind him of her charm.
    Later while on shore he sits holding her bloody, ripped sleeve.
    The captain with a similar face says “I see you grieve.”
    Suddenly the captain strikes at Sasuke with a long stick.
    Reflexes what they are he dodges getting just a knick.
    A blinding kick to the chest and the captain drops the wood.
    He realizes Sasuke could kill him, unarmed where he stood.
    As a last resort he goes at the eyes with a spear fist.
    Not missing a beat Sasuke gets him in lock by the wrist.

    The captain says, “I know who you are, I could see it in your face even during the night.
    But I needed to know for certain, to be sure I had to do this to see how you fight.”
    Sasuke very cautiously lets go of the old mans wrist “You are the only son of mine.
    I knew that you would turn out to be a good fighter with many morals, handsome and fine.
    Pulling out a katana he explains, “this is the family sword I should have left for you.
    Now take it my noble fighting son, go and do whatever heavy task that you must do.”

    Last Confrontation And Rest
    The Bandit-King comes to the place; Sasuke sent word to the snake.
    For a one-on-one fight he said to meet him here at day break.
    Coming early Shuya scatters six men and an archer near.
    Ever since the fight with Noriko for life the fool feels fear.
    Sugimaru steps out with six sheathed swords covered in men’s blood.
    At Kiriyama’s feet he tosses them down onto the mud.
    The Bandit-King’s massive body starts shaking before they start.
    Sending just six against the grand warrior was not too smart.

    Black Shuya is instantly cut several times real deep.
    At sight of his blood the bandit’s balance is hard to keep.
    Always Sasuke’s edge and point go where he wants them to land.
    Soon in the fight Black Shuya loses the dominate hand.
    The archer looses an arrow but Sasuke catches it.
    Kiriyama just shakes rapidly, scared out of his wit.
    “Dumb Kiriyama, I left him there, I knew all along,
    Think it is covered with poison, lets see if I am wrong.”
    After that statement he rakes it across the villain’s eyes.
    Writhing in agony Kiriyama the cruel soon dies.
    When it is done Sasuke makes a day ride to an old place,
    Stays true, to one he owes much he does a last act of grace.

    Finally arriving at his village’s section used as a tomb.
    Looking at Noriko’s place he says “I know I should have been your groom.
    In the end it was you sweet Noriko who loved me more than the rest.
    Alone in this world, for the next life I will grant your last request.”
    Sugimaru Sasuke stabs himself deep with the head of the arrow.
    And collapses on her stone as the poison eats at his bone marrow.

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