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Thread: Resolution ~Life~ {By me}

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    Resolution ~Life~ {By me}

    Came a long way, and I'm here to say,

    I think that I'm actually doing okay.

    Went through good times, went through bad,

    And I'm telling you, they're the best I ever had.

    Made new friends, lost others,

    Gained some sisters, gained some brothers.

    Sorrow, despair, depression, heartbreak,

    Laughter, happiness, smiles, made it through another week.

    Helped many others, recieved help myself,

    Thought more on how to improve my mental health.

    Stayed with few good friends, stayed on my own,

    Found confidence, truth, my talents finally shown.

    Personal healer, advice giver, extra listener,

    Slowly making it through in rough weather.

    Made mistakes, still learning from pain,

    Looking to the sky, standing in the rain.

    Sitting in a room, full of music, letting expressions flow,

    Living in the present, looking forward to the future, letting the past go.

    Accepting others, accepting me,

    I finally know, who I'm supposed to be.

    Walking slowly, finally taking a look around,

    I've been surprised on what I've found.

    Good friends, true hearts, true smiles, little strife,

    My smile is bright and true, I'm finding happiness in my life.

    Tears I shed, but it's okay, they'll go away, and the smiles will return, this is a new

    Because I finally know, who I am.

    Living life on your own..Isn't always that easy..-Vincent

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    Re: Resolution ~Life~ {By me}

    This is very good And it is something I can relate to especially over the last 3yrs I have been through most of those things...../......
    Sword in hand, fire in heart, I walk towards my future just playing my part.
    The school of the undefeated East! The winds of the king! Zenshin! Keiretsu! Tempa! Kyoran! Look! The East is burning red!” (G Gundam)
    Ride Fast, Live Free & Stay strong.

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