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Thread: Respect my authority

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    Thanks for the memories princesslady may be famous one day princesslady may be famous one day princesslady's Avatar
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    Respect my authority

    I had s**t else to do online, so I came back here for a second to brighten people's day
    Dedicated to my bro, Holderofdarkchalice. MAN WHAT'S GOOD!

    Respect it
    Respecct my authority
    Cheesey puffs will be thrown
    if you don't bow down before me

    Respect it
    Respect my authority
    I am queen, Surpreme ruler of all
    I scare the tough
    weaken the bad
    Make even the heaviest fall

    Respect it
    Respect my authority
    I runt he show
    My name is in lights
    Don't try and step up baby
    You'l be in for a fight

    Respect it
    Respect my authority
    Cartman say you're an ass-sucker
    He even called your mom a bitch
    Told you you're gay
    Even said your a snitch

    Respect it
    Respect my authority
    If I got cartman by my side
    I got Kenny, Kyle and stan too
    They love me more than Guitar hero 3
    You should follow what they do

    Respect it
    Respect my authority
    Last edited by Sazzy; Apr 29, 2008 at 04:57 PM. Reason: Becareful with you language, as a vet you should know about that by now Princesslady

    Born to rule, raised to lead, taught to establish: The African Queen

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    Re: Respect my authority

    Nice to know you still got it and be ready for Sh*t that ppl be saying on the streets. Otherwise just say F*ck what'cha heard!=].

    You go girl!
    Yeah, Bye.

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