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Thread: Revenge

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    I smell the smoke still fresh
    The figure still my hand
    I turn away from where you were
    From where you were at your last stand

    How could, why would you
    Betray us all
    They had nothing to do with it
    But you still made them fall

    We both were best friends
    Yet you turned behind my back
    What all came up to this
    I had to backtrack

    You first sought out my father
    A friendly and kind man
    But you had to take out the head
    The organization and plan

    This started to worry us
    So we scattered and went to look
    Bad idea for us
    My brother was the next you took

    Taking out the brawn
    Left was the brain
    How I didn't see this it was you
    Still to this day, makes me strain

    I tried to contact my two other friends
    But I couldn't believe
    You stole their lives without haste
    Now it was only me

    I started to see it was you
    So I took you to talk, eye to eye
    I asked what you were doing
    If you were a some sort of spy

    Lies, all lies
    Gun pointed at your face
    Trigger of truth has been pulled
    This is your final resting place

    Now as I walk from this area
    Still holding onto the clan as a hinge
    I will look who else is behind this
    I will look for revenge

    Writer's Notes: Well, it kinda sounds like some mafia or clan type of thing, doesn't it? I just had "revenge" in my head for a while so I started to write something about it. I guess this came out. Also, slowly recovering from a writer's block right now so I don't think this good. Thanks for reading.
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