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Thread: The River

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    The River

    I thought everything was okay till you came my way.
    I thought he was mine, to love for all time.
    Till they came along then stole my song.
    Now at the river i sit trying to figure this out all alone.

    I sit in the river, as my pain never ends.
    My eyes pour out tears,
    and they never seem to stop.
    The pain that fuels my own river of pain.
    Never really knowing if I will be happy again.

    You made me feel human,
    and you took that away.
    now my heart is floating
    as my senses fade away.

    I thought you loved me and promised to be mine,
    why she freaked you out please help me understand.
    You never lost me and you were never alone,
    I was prepared to make my heart your home.

    Were your promises real?
    Did i really hold your heart,was it just wishful thinking
    Or was I left in the dark.
    Always an orphan never knowing what is mine.

    As the pain keeps moving.
    My heart keeps wondering,
    why the stream of tears never stop.
    I really do believe you but i keep wondering,
    If you'll look my way,
    Will you give me your heart.
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    Re: The River

    No Bad poem I like the poem!!!!!
    Great God!!!!
    The world isn't ready for the truth...

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