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Thread: The roommate-a real life account

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    Cool The roommate-a real life account

    The roommate

    Here I sit alone in my room
    Solitary, peaceful, and warm
    Suddenly I hear a big boom
    In bursts the other
    in tow is another

    Crap I say
    not this again
    She's gunna get laid
    bracing myself it began
    the giggles and squeals

    Oh the joy of another
    Loud, annoying, and rude
    I think I'd rather have my brother
    I at least I'd keep my food
    If I could take it back I would
    I'd live alone in my room

    So here I sit looking at this guy Luke
    listening to their moans and groans
    I think I'm seriously about to puke
    I wish this could be postponed
    Stop stop I say!
    Go get another ****ing room!
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