i almost thought that poetry ran out of my blood, but i guess i had a poem fever today and i finished my first poem in a couple of months, anyways enjoy! and tell me what you think

Words disappear…
Actions which forth come in the darkest of days die
Voices in space no one hears

My speech…
No one would reach
I walk in the dusk of the darkness in my breach
A book of poets, Adonis or Shakespeare people speak!
But I of poems spoke and to people soon I was a freak…

Meanings of words can never be told
Actions are mysteries waiting to unfold
But always in hearts, truth may sleep in summer so cold!

I of love spoke!
And soon my feelings were to her so much told
My hands around her very strongly hold
And kisses between us more expensive than white gold

Our hearts in love collide softly between the sky's bonds
To our smiles both of thee in happiness sold

Up on scarlet trees
Circled with red roses and dancing honey bees
Watching the moon and the seven seas
Kissing under the sky witnessed by angels as they see

Each time eyes connect
I fall in love with her
And forever
I love only thee
As forth come the angelic she
More beautiful than Sakura's blossom tree

A rose on the blossom tree!