Once again a...horrible poem by me.

Red Roses,
Thy symbol of love,
But what did thou bring to me?
A Rose of Ice,
To be shattered everywhere,
The game of love,
The lies entwined,
Wamrth of unity,
Yet so fragile that if often breaks,
The gap to be replaced,
Often a mistake,
Leaving thy Red Rose into hands to be froze,
Then dropped and shattered;

White Rose,
Sign of purity,
Yet impurity overrides what is pure,
Deception that can lie ahead,
That taint sinks into the pure,
Abolishing all innocence,
The taste of taint, a craving lust,
One lick leas to wants of mouthfuls,
The color of white stained,
Erotically, metnally, periodically,
Purity wasted on teh dumbfounds ot taint;

Black Rose,
Betrayl and Death,
Yet one leads to another,
Why not both?
Friends thought close,
Easy do they sometimes turn,
Knife in the back,
Tortured soul,
Escaping this hell has one way,
Ceasing to let ones soul ive in this,
Death, an escape,
A redemption we deny as good,
Yet death is unfair,
It's hand ready to strike,
Prepared or not it shalt come,
Leading us awa from here,
Of there lies of despair.