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Thread: Roundhouse

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    Regret will come and sneak up on you so damn fast.
    It's like a giant roundhouse kick right in the ass!

    So, only time will tell how bad one feels.
    And regret follows one around, hot on thier heels.

    To keep family from someone, that's pretty damn low.
    Letting someone's son call another "daddy" is a harsh blow.

    To even muster up the nerve to do that to someone,
    who's trying to be a father to his only son...

    That's the worst thing that any human being could ever do.
    Especially when baby's daddy has a father issue too!!

    I didn't know my dad 'til I was about twenty-one!
    Now why would anyone want that for thier son??

    Try again next week, I'll see how the ball will bounce.
    Will I have some quality time, or will harsh words fly out a mouth?

    A blow so low, executed for no good reason.
    If I were president, that'd be the highest form of treason.

    I want peace, I want no worries, I just want my son.
    I say this on AO in front of every one.

    Some day soon, we'll find out the outcome of this battle.
    Will it be a happy ending or a never-ending hassle?

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    Re: Roundhouse

    I can clearly see that you did a lot of thought for this poem.
    Great job!!!!!!

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