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Thread: Royal Court!

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    Royal Court!

    Knocked him down,
    and stole his crown!
    The Lights gone with
    the departure of the
    Royal Court,
    theres no sunshine any more.

    Made the mistake,
    thought that I won,
    but I wound up done!
    Oh woe is me!
    Why'd that happen?
    The Royal Courts gone,
    took the Sol with them.

    So here I sit with my new
    crown and throne,
    down and alone,
    waiting, just waiting,
    for that glorious sun to return.

    Thoughts and suggestions please
    I've seen all you here before at the rise and the fall, lets go down and ring the bell at the Levity Ball.

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    Re: Royal Court!

    thats pretty good. the rithym was good and
    the flow was great.
    i dont know what its about though.lol. >.< sorry conrad.lol.
    but yea it was a good peom.
    keep it up !

    ~Falling in love one step at a time~

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