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Thread: Rules Read Before You Post!!

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    Rules Read Before You Post!!

    • Must be open to others' opinions, don't get mad if someone criticizes your work.
    • Don't overdo the love poems; there are hundreds of better, less overused subjects out there.
    • Treat others with the same respect you want to be treated with.
    • Also please give a little criticism; no more "I like it...good job" or you will be given an infraction.
    • Do not quote the entire poem in your reply. If there are lines/stanzas you particularly liked, quote them and discuss them individually.
    • Poets--If you want to reply to comments to discuss or defend your work, feel free to do so. If you just want to thank everyone who commented, use the "Thanks" button rather than posting a low quality reply.

    Copyright Information
    • If you're caught plagiarizing/stealing a poem, you can be permanently banned from the poem section or the site itself, and the plagiarized poem will be closed or removed.

    If you have a problem with another member's comments in your thread, then PM a moderator.
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