Words he told me: Baby, let's go back in time,
You'll do your thing and I'll do mine.


Uhm, okay so this poem is about this girl getting raped by her boyfriend, and ew. So uh yeah thanks for your time in reading it. It's not good but w/e.:]


He turned out to be a monster.
But not the one under your bed.
A real-life monster.
His feelings are dead.

It started with hello, ended with a tear.
He did drugs and smoked, and occasionally beer.
They said he was a player, used girls then let them go.
Hurt and mortified, I was one, went with the flow.

Asked me one day if I would go to his house.
I sneaked out that day, quiet as a mouse.
I ran over quickly, to see what he wanted.
I regret that day, my memory haunted.

I knocked on his door, parents weren't home.
Sitting on the couch occasionally hanging up the phone.
He walked me over to his room where he asked to sit down.
I did as he said, faced turned into a frown.

He came over to me, grin on his face.
Unbuttoned my shirt, realized he was a disgrace.
I wanted to scream, but he covered my mouth.
From that day on, he was the voice in my doubts.

Walked by him everyday.
Tried not to stare at him, tried to run away.
Guys came up and asked me out.
All I did was scream inside, without actually letting out a shout.

I can't trust guys anymore.
Thinking they'll do the same.
I didn't trust the rumors.
I played his game.