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Thread: Rumours

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    They say you are this,
    They say you are that.
    All but here say,
    I ask where are your facts.

    A lot of words being said.
    A lot of actions being done.
    A lot of friendships being torn.
    A lot of hurting to go around.

    I lost a friend to what was said and done.
    I lost my heart to someone ,
    then i lost his love along the way.

    Why can't they just leave me alone
    why do you always have a lot to say.
    What have i done to deserve this.
    When all I did was fall in-love before the kiss.

    Just let me be and leave me alone
    Why can' these psycho's just take a hint.
    Why do you always have to make up some drama.
    To get attention and stuff.
    Haven't your actions damaged enough?

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    Re: Rumours

    I think everyone can relate to your poem. In the past, we have all experienced some misunderstanding through other people with careless thoughts. At first, they think it's harmless and just good fun, but it actually hurts. Your poem is very informative of issues in our daily lives that we deal with every now and then. I really think your poem is awesome because it gives a lot of different examples of how misleading information can really influence others.

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