Living everyday
Breathing everysecond
Watching everyinstant

Sitting on a chair
Next to the air
next to me to no one

Sitting and feeling
Watching and learning

Everyone walkS thruogh me

As if i'm not there

Everyday running towards the mountains
Breaking through the clouds
And never coming down

Watching everyperson trying to talk to me
yelling and telling me
Don't cry to look so wise
Don't cry because you're so right
Don't cry with words and tears
Because you'll hate your self in the end

And as i sit there silently
With my tears runing down my face

What are they trying to say
Are they trying to hurt me more than this

How many times do i have to say
I have no one to look up to
I have no friends.......

Everybody see's me
As a shadow not a person
Their blind to see
That i feel
That i need
And that i live and die

A fiction made of my dreams
Dreams made of my tears
Tears made of my feelings
The feeling of sadnes
The feeling of lonelyness

now that i see
To everyone i'm just a shadow of nothing