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    The midday moon filled with peace showed tears in the sweet melody of the rain
    I continue painting with my torn off finger,
    The sun's dream which I started to forget
    Like a sprouting flower
    The wind gathers my body in the earth's bow
    I laugh softly...
    Burned above withered leaves
    Another me is staring.

    If no one's voice reaches me,
    Then I will erase everything for you,
    Over and over again you repeated the same mistakes
    and now continue trembling in sadness.

    An unmoving hand of time in my heart touched the never fading thoughts,
    The dream flooded in gentle sunlight vanished into the blanched night sky
    The rain is my tears,
    As I can't express my sadness...
    Charmed by the moon's sigh
    I know that I've lost time...
    There is meaning in death
    My voice won't reach you.

    The last words which you gave me
    Even now continue to weep here
    Having decided not to grieve,
    The tears of the moon in the night sky flow in my heart
    Night has yet to take you away

    While painting in the melted sky,
    The colorless scenery whispered
    Now it is a sin where nothing,
    Not even the past which I still remember,
    Will return.

    Swept away on burning waves of light,
    You smile at me
    Seeing you in the distance,
    Overflowing with peace
    I continue crying out your name
    No one can blame you any more.

    I awaken from the dream where I quietly touch your scars with trembling fingers
    Over and over again you repeated the same mistakes and now continue trembling in sadness,
    I can't say goodbye just yet
    I slowly continued praying into the hushed sky.

    With a gentle voice.
    With a trembling voice.
    I continued praying...

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    Re: "sadness"

    I'm starting to wonder if you have ever created an original work of your own, or if you just rip off singers and real poets. This is another Gackt song, "Rain", from the 2002 album Moon.

    Gackt - Rain Lyrics

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