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Thread: Sadness has no bounds

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    Sadness has no bounds

    Sadness knows no bounds when I' without you
    Horrible things have happened and now I have nothin to do
    You said you'd be here for me
    So why'd you leave
    Now tears of sadness flow from me
    If this was your intentions then let me be
    and If you say you had sometin else to do
    just remember that I'm nothin without you

    Please come to me when your ready to talk tiger...and this is my first poem...so I'm not very good...lol...*sigh*...

    oops...they saw us...*to you* Hi...you didn't just see that...

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    Re: Sadness has no bounds

    Good poem, Very heart felt...............................

    Anything is Pawsable
    Growing old is Mandatory-Growing up is Optional

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