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Thread: Sage Sevon

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    Sage Sevon

    Sage Sevon
    Esp. 1 the saga

    The moon was bright that night when the little kid of 9 went to his village to rest to find that it was under siege. Every market and house was ablaze, water was not helping to put out the fire but instead helping destroy buildings and spread debrief. There was also a storm of the size of a hurricane on the horizon.

    Sevon…... what is going on………

    Sevon…… this can’t be what I’m supposed to see…….why

    Then sevon noticed a strange laughing noise coming from the direction of a newly burning building. He cautiously peeked through a window in which the fire hadn’t reached yet. Then he noticed a man in the window with burning hair and a dark aura flowing from his body. He had white eyes and an evil smile.

    Strange man……. Kill…………kill…..die

    Sevon……. he's finnaly lost it..... (thinking to himself)

    Strange man….. Kill….die……waunna see u mother s...s...Sevon?

    Sevon…. Gasp, what have you done with her…Vincent?

    Vincent…. Kill…die….u must die!!!!

    Vincent who was the second strongest magic user in the entire region the first was sevon’s father no one could possible match his strength…….he mastered all of the elements including steel and plasma.

    Vincent goes for sevon with his mixed spell of steel and ice. Sevon uses a small rock to block it and runs for cover...then Vincent walks strangely over to sevon almost in a rocking motion.

    Sevon… oh no he’s coming and im only level one in magic using this is bad.

    Then a woman screams in horror sevon looks around and sees his mother with burns all over.
    Sevon runs towards her..

    Vincent…where do u think you’re going!!??

    Then he cast his spell of wind and fire which spirals over towards sevon.
    Sevon nearly dodging it gets to his mother.
    Sevon… mother are you okay?

    Sevon’s mom… yes but you must use the spell from that book over there to defeat him.

    Sevon… mother…..you must save your strength ill heal you.

    Sevon’s mom is a level five spell user who is skilled in both magic and potions she taught sevon most of what he knows…her name is melfina

    Melfina… no sevon…. there is no time you must hurry…

    Sevon… no mother I can’t….

    Melfina… I said go!

    Sevon… no I can’t!

    Sevon quickly casts a healing spell for his mother which wraps her in a golden aura then heals her burns then he quickly grabs the book but the pages are all blank…

    Melfina… sevon… your just like your father….and I am glad for that..

    Sevon keeps looking through the book and finds nothing. Then he remembers something that was told to him by his father.

    Sevon you have to be a highly skilled sage to use that book or its pages will show you no knowledge. However if you believe then you will excel all obstacles and the world will be no problem.

    Sevon… oh, I remember now!!... thank you father..

    Sevon’s father whose name is Kotsu was the strongest magic user in the entire Kazaki region. But he was very peaceful and kept to himself mostly. But one day he went on a journey and never came back. Some say he was killed others say he lives in a huge castle.
    Sevon believes that he is still on the journey helping people….only kotsu knows the real story.

    After believing in his thoughts he opens the book and the first spell is indignant sparking the final lightning spell.

    Sevon reads the words that appeared to everyone else who opened the book to be in celestial letters.

    Sevon… written language of shining light give me power thought this fight with this power of light and sparking bring to me indignant sparking!

    Just then a huge flash of light comes from the book later know as level three magic, which goes straight for Vincent and misses.

    Sevon’s jaw dropped to the ground as he watched the gigantic lightning bolt miss its target.

    Vincent… ha-ha-ha-ha you can’t hope to defeat me with such pretty fireworks.

    Melfina stands behind sevon and says “sevon I’m better now”

    Sevon… mother did you see that!

    Melfina… yes you should probably work on your aim.

    Sevon… let me try again.

    Melfina… sevon watch out!

    Then she quickly cast a wind barrier to protect from the fire bound projectile

    Melfina… quickly sevon I can’t hold this for long!

    Sevon… okay I got a better one now!

    Then sevon holds the book open and yells

    Sevon… torrents of clear danger is near guide my power and keep it dear waters of aqua fright bring to me tsunami fright.

    Just then a gigantic wave of water appears and wraps around Vincent then crushes him over and over for about five seconds which feels like five millennia then he falls to the ground and his aura intensifies.

    Vincent… this will not end…….

    Sevon… I’m tired of your shit!!

    Then sevon grows wings from his back and flies into the smoggy sky from which all the smoke from the village had gone. Then Vincent casts another spell

    Vincent…This will end it………

    Then Vincent casts a giant fire ball which goes straight for sevon (remember people this is a nine year old boy) he dodges it and the fire ball breaks up into smaller pieces and hits sevon knocking him from the air. He hits the ground from about 123 ft in the air and can’t get up…
    Vincent… your life ends here!

    Melfina… no it doesn’t.

    Then she stands up and cures sevon from a distance. He doesn’t get up

    Melfina… please sevon get up!

    She tries again and it doesn’t work then Sevon’s eyes pop open glowing with a shining green color and he has a golden aura around him he flies into the air

    Sevon… Vincent you have been tainted with an evil spirit and I will save you

    Then sevon creates a magic circle with ancient symbols in the air and then says

    Sevon… evil spirit where evil resides release the evil and purify with the grace of heaven and the smile of god please heal this broken tainted spirit!

    Then a bright light shines thought the smoke and shins right on Vincent. Then a dark shapeless being leaves thought Vincent’s mouth and disappears. Then sevon falls to the ground and his wings disappear. His mother rushes over to him and he doesn’t move.

    Vincent falls to the ground shortly after.

    When sevon awakens the village is back to Normal and there is no sign of there even being a fire or anything.

    Sevon… mother…… what happened while I was sleeping.

    Melfina… well, after you defeated the second strongest sage in the entire region everyone else came out of hiding and wanted to congratulate you but you were sleep so Vincent pledged to make talisman so no one would ever get possessed again and he also rebuilt the entire village and made it bigger than it was before.

    Sevon… wow, well I’ll be out-side if you need me.

    Melfina… okay.

    Then he walks down the road and notices everyone staring at him. All at once they all gather around him in a crowd of cheers, they all congratulate him…………..and he sees someone familiar in the crowd.
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    Re: Sage Sevon

    Eps. 2 next

    Sage sevon
    Eps.2 the arrival and dismissal

    After sevon realized that he knew someone in the crowd he quickly tried to get to them.
    Then he saw them go into his house and he wondered if it could be his father. So excited about the arrival of his father he rushed through the crowd to meet his father.

    Sevon… Father!

    Then he noticed that the man that went into the house was not his father but in fact his fathers twin konmaru.

    Sevon… your not my father……..

    Melfina… of course not sevon this is your favorite uncle

    Konmaru… yea what up boy!

    Konmaru is kotsu’s twin brother though they’re twins they’re nothing alike they both have immense power used for good but kotsu is concerned that his brother may be wavering to the dark side.

    Sevon…sup uncle konmaru!

    Konmaru… what’s been happened to you, you used to be so small!

    Sevon… only cause you got so big!

    Konmaru… hahaha come’ ear you hahaha!

    Melfina… I’m going to put some food on to cook ok?

    Sevon… sure mother ha-ha. Hey kon-sama you wanna see what I learned?

    Konmaru… sure!

    Then sevon and konmaru went out back and sevon stopped and said “ this Is a new spell I just learned yesterday” then he said “ground of spiraling path give me the entrance that I ask” and the ground opened up and a tunnel was there

    Konmaru… kid’s gettin good…

    Sevon… lets go then.

    Then they walk into a big room like area as big as a football area

    Sevon… now I can show you.

    Konmaru… what?

    Then sevon concentrates and an area of light appears around him then goes out

    Sevon…what the! It worked yesterday!

    Konmaru… what this?

    Then konmaru did the same thing and a burst of light and he had wings one which was pure white and the other pure black.

    Sevon… wow how did u do that?

    Konmaru… practice

    Sevon… you think that Ill get good like that too?

    Konmaru… anything’s possible.

    Sevon… ……………oh ok!

    Konmaru… well u waunna see if you can beat your uncle?

    Sevon… I bet I can!

    Then konmaru threw a water ball at sevon

    Konmaru… u got to watch your surroundings!

    Konmaru… oh and this is strictly a water fight.

    Sevon… Ok!

    Then sevon conjured a water ball and hurled it at konmaru’s head and it hit dead on

    Sevon… u got to watch your surroundings!

    Konmaru… (smart ass)

    Sevon then hurls another one and misses

    Konmaru… u can’t hit me that easily twice.

    Konmaru… …. Have you ever transed an element?
    Sevon… trance? Is that a word?

    Konmaru still dodging the water being hurled at him.

    Konmaru… yea let me show you.

    Then he conjured a water ball and changed it to ice with one word

    Konmaru… freeze…….

    Then the ice ball hit sevon and froze him!

    Konmaru… Oh Shit!

    Then he used a fire spell to thaw him out.

    Konmaru… oh shit are you ok?

    Sevon… barely what the hell was that?

    Konmaru… it was trance with water and ice… u can do it with any element but it takes work.

    Sevon… I can do work!

    Konmaru… well u have ta ask ur mom first.

    Sevon… well……ok. Then ill build a castle and have people and be the greatest sage there is just like my father!

    Konmaru… that’s the spirit!

    Then they leave, sevon soaked with ice cold water, and head for sevon’s house. As they enter they notice that nothings on the stove and sevon’s mother in lying on the ground.

    Then sevon quickly goes over towards her and notices that she still has her eyes open.

    Sevon… mother what happened?

    Melfina… ………………it… wa.s a.. strange………man…in all black

    Sevon… yes and then what?

    Melfina… he asked to marry……..me.

    Sevon… you said no?

    Melfina… yes……….and he showed me something that ….knocked me out….

    Sevon.. what

    Melfina…… it was a…box…….with a……shining light…

    Sevon…………..dry.gif >_> *_* sleep.gif was it a ring?

    Melfina jumps up really fast.

    Melfina… Yeeeessss it was the biggest ring that I have ever seen I would of married him but he was ancient like gram gram ancient I mean wow if u would of seen it but!!!!…….what’s wrong sevon?

    Sevon look furious but doesn’t say a word

    Melfina… sevon?

    Sevon… How Could u just forget about father like that?!

    Melfina… lower your voice!

    Konmaru… this must be a bad time….

    Sevon… …..mother I’m leaving!

    Melfina… why?

    Sevon… I’m going on a quest like father who u seemed to have forgotten….

    Melfina looks shocked and says “fine then I won’t stop you but take this”.

    Sevon… what is it?

    Melfina… it’s something your father said give you just in case you do this.

    Sevon… oh……..ok

    Konmaru… well sevon ill go now you’ll have to start on your own like me and your father did.

    Sevon… well if that’s how its done.

    Melfina…you should at least wait till morning.
    Sevon… ok.

    Then the next morning sevon woke up ready to go… but he noticed that his mother and konmaru were gone.

    Sevon… I guess they’re waiting out side.

    Then sevon goes outside after eating a muffin. And notices the entire village lined up smiling.

    Sevon… hello everyone!

    Then village leader comes to sevon and says “sevon your mother told us as soon as it happened so we thought we would give you something before you left.

    Sevon… ok.

    Then the village leader Asaki Calles Vincent.

    Vincent… sevon I am truly grateful for you getting rid of the evil entity that overwhelmed me and to show my gratitude I give you these.

    Then Vincent teaches sevon the spell to build buildings out of any element then he gives him the staff of wisdom blessed with the sacred water of heaven.

    Then sevon thanks him by bowing and then sevon’s mother comes to him.

    Melfina… *huff* *huff* *huff* wait…I…..almost………forgot

    Sevon… you seem well.

    Melfina… I almost forgot to give you this

    Then she hands him the book of kaze.

    Sevon… mother………are you sure?

    Melfina… Sevon… my son take it and may your father live on in you.

    Then sevon gives his mother a hug and then walks towards the forest.

    Sevon…Thanks everyone!

    And leaves.

    I am a sage....the light of elements

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    Re: Sage Sevon

    Hey This story is so far really good! Keep on writing and adding to it and update it more bud!

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