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Thread: Same & Different

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    Same & Different

    Every grain in the sand serves the same purpose
    Yet in it, a mineral shimmers a different colour
    But they are all the same

    In the animal kingdom, a lion gives birth and raises a turtle
    It is nothing more or less than awkward
    But they are all lions

    Acres of tree surround a lake, not on different
    Yet each one's needles point to a different star
    But they all seem the same

    All the humans war with & destroy each other
    There are those who live a life of happiness
    But they are all the same

    Become spoonfed and believe legends are true
    And yell and scream history is false

    Who is right?

    A culture?
    A person?

    Skeletons are hidden in closets
    And nobles are regarded as savages

    Seek another river
    For the lake has been poisoned
    And even those who are reflected in the water
    Are so, for they have consumed this urinated ambrosia

    The ocean blows Tempests and devours wooden whales
    Fear this and brave the waters
    And you shall see the angered waves of the Mother
    For her child has been dead
    And its blood absorbed

    See your reflection in these waves
    And see how the toxins show its true form

    Force wind across your sail and find calm waters
    And here, you shall find what truth is

    You may find yourself alone
    You may find yourself a companion

    But you are here
    Unaffected by anything else

    Judge truth yourself
    Only an untouched mind, with nothing else,
    may see what is truly in the water
    For a pure lense can see the constellations perfectly

    These waters have no reflection
    Only a gate into the whisperings of every lake
    found scattered throughout the universe

    Please, I plead for you, my friend
    There are those who scream to never be swallowed into fate
    A culture does not make an individual
    And our judgement ignores why things truly are

    Within a dispute, a man challenges the world
    A child defies the traditions of the family and improves upon it
    The soldiers in an army all face their enemies with different virtues

    In these things
    In all things
    We are all different
    These are all different

    These are all different.

    -Dedicated to a dear friend: Mr. K
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    ^_^ stunning Darling, absolutly stunning.

    i could see everything you said, and it was beautiful.
    ^_^ You're not my partner for nothing!

    great job, hun! ::biggie huggles::

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    Can I give comment?

    ^_^ It makes since and I like it~

    Thanks for forgiving me~
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