Its best to imagine yourself stuck in a giant sand storm when reading my story, it will help you understand it much better.

Sand Walls Don't Fall

Passing by in this wind
I seek to find my way
in turmoil ill find
a path way through time

The sands heavy against my face, I look around but ground i taste, no life is here just turmoil and fear, tick toc times wasting away, blue birds dance and play, behind this wall i have made, of sand, earth, and clay.

I wish i could see those blue birds, sings a melody to me through my wall, i built up yet i want it to fall. Ill push my way through life, my time passing by, and hope to accomplish the dreams of little blue birds, yet have mine devoured by earthen clay.

Ive fallen astray
and betrayed, by those i trust
which i modeled from clay
Till, i find my pathway through time.

Well i'll explain this little story of mine, its not really poem...

It's about a person that throughout their life they have built up barriers to protect them from others. Never wating to get hurt they isolate themselves from the world from other people. They pretend they are all right they make a few friends but always leave them quickly because they feel they will betrayed. This person will always try to help others without wanting anything in return, they will hide themsleves away from the company of the people they helped. Yet they will always return to isolation and thats how they will fade away, unless they break down their own walls.

Probably one of my best storys ive made in my opinions, im sure alot of people can relate to it but not many would admit it. I myslef have built up walls every now again to help me through trouling times... have you?