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Thread: school is hell

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    school is hell

    wrote this when i was in my english period, i was kind of sleepy
    so i really don't know if this came together
    anyways tell me what you think
    i even don't if this is a story or a poem
    the first of my life startes wheni was born
    when i was born, i was born not knowing what to expect from life

    i continued to live on
    when i reached six
    my parents took me to school

    i started to learn and understand
    i understood some things about life

    but when i entered high school
    teachers started to teach me calculus, chemistry and physics

    i made my through this hell
    but why do i feel like this is too much to withstand

    i can't take this no more...........
    nooooooooooooooooooooooo.......................... ..........

    something's got to give
    teachers got to give

    i wil run no more
    i will fight against this no more

    i will pass this hell
    now i will make everyone realize school is hell
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    Re: school is hell

    very interesting. i like the flow of it from birth to highschool ^.^ descriptive yet vauge enough to make you think about it.

    on a more personal note:
    i hope you did fight and survive the "hell" as you describe it. everyone needs a highschool education but a lot never finish. but college is just as bad as highschool, just a little more freedom that is countered with harder classes.

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    Re: school is hell

    lol the poem was great, i once wrote a poem with the same tittle.

    lol enjoy while you are in high school, once you go to college things will get a lil difficult.

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